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Do you really need expert advice?

Do you really need expert advice?
My dear, did you not read the instruction manual for the fence? Why is there a wild animal in my yard?

I've been on my land for 2 years now. I had rock put down so I could drive past the edge of the road and with the first rain after I drove on it the rock sank? Now I am back in the mud. That cost me thousands of dollars.  What do I do?

We were at the flea market last Sunday and they were selling these adorable little goats.  My son asked if we could get it and keep it in the back yard with the dog.  So we took it home and my dog attacked it. How do I train my dog to not want to eat the goat? And how do I keep the goat from getting on top of my patio table?

I live in northern Kentucky and saw a you tube video from a guy in Texas that puts in plumbing. I hand dug a trench 6" down, laid my pvc, covered it up and put a waterhose spigot in my garden.  I was so excited to have water in the summer but it is now November and my water is frozen as well as my spigot.  What went wrong?

We bought an old farm with barbed wire fencing and were so excited to create our homestead.  I found a herd of goats on craigslist and paid a guy to deliver them for me.  The goats seemed very happy that night as we gave them a bunch of grain until their bellies were nice and full so that they would stay near the house.  I got a call from my neighbor the next morning that my goats had eaten his entire front flowerbed, pooped all over their sidewalk and I found one dead and as round as a basketball in the pasture.  What did I do wrong?

These are just a few examples of what we get ourselves into for the love of livestock and the dream of waking up to home raised fresh eggs and cute little baby goats bouncing around.  I have seen way too many people quit because of financial loss or livestock tragedy. We finance a piece of land and use professionals to pick out the perfect one.  Then we finance building our home and pick out a contractor to build it.  While they are building it we decide to get some chickens. Then the racoons eat half of them the first night so hubby decides to save the day and get some chicken wire ($120) and post ($6 each) and a post driver ($65) from Tractor Supply and build a little pen. ( 6 hours)  We purchase one of their premade coops ($500) and stuff the 10 chickens we have left into a space made for 3.  Thankfully these chickens were older and already starting to lay so we have an immediate return on our investment.  However, as soon as I let the chickens out, they flew up over the fence we made and they got out. Sound familiar????  That first egg breakfast cost almost $700 in material alone, not to mention the time hubby took off work to put the fence up.  And the problem still is not solved.  So, do you really need a professional agriculture consultant?

We bought a milk cow so we could have milk.  We purchased her off of craigslist. They said she milks real well and is a great nurse cow, whatever that means.  We tied her up to try and milk her and she almost kicked my head off.  My hubby saved the day and found a stanchion plan on- line and made a beautiful piece of art.  I coaxed the cow in it but the back post is right in the way of her udder. She is still kicking at me and now catching her foot on the post.  How do we teach her to not kick and we spent way too much on the first stanchion, how can I get this post out of the way without building a new one?

We have a $10,000 budget and we want to raise some cows so we can have our own meat.  Where do we start and how far will that budget get us?

I am a non-profit with no money to develop my land.  Are there any local grants or federal funding that can assist us to get this done and how in the world do I get started?

These are all questions that I can answer and help fix with my agriculture consulting and coaching.  My heart is to keep you in the business without loosing your ars or getting a divorce because you now hate each other sue to the farming demands.  It's real, it's tough, but it is very doable with the right guidance.