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Turning Acres into Home: A Step-by-Step Journey to Your Dream Homestead

Farmer in Mondolkiri Province
Photo by Ny Menghor / Unsplash

In 2008, I was sick. I had After being sick for a few years, I had to find a way to regain my health rather than just add more pharmaceutical drugs. I had grown up an athlete on the standard American diet.

When I was 30, I got so sick I could barely work in my equine anesthesia and surgical nursing field.  I was hurting more than I could medicate and by mid-day I needed to lay down. It was impossible to maintain this pace of life. My hair was falling out and I was 50lbs overweight. I was on 7 different medications to manage my pain and “dis-eases”.  

Within 3 weeks of changing what I was eating and drinking, I lost 30 lbs. Within the following 11 months, from changing my diet, I was delivered from 7 different medications. I have had 2 major accidents and 5 hip surgeries & I am able to work hard farming and recover overnight because I have reversed the inflammation processes in my body.

In 2012 I started learning how to grow my own food because I couldn’t afford to purchase what would actually save my life. I got my first goat, then a lamb, then Noah’s ark was formed in my yard! Before long I

developed a 1000 sq. ft. garden

planted my own fields for pasture-raised poultry

raised thousands of meat birds and sold them to my local health food store

taught people how to slaughter chickens, sheep and goats

bred, raised and milked miniature and midsize registered jerseys

bred, raised and milked specialty nubians for milk production;

raised custom beef cows for homesteads,

housed 400 egg layers,

shipped in Kangals from Romania to place dogs in the sheep fields of West Texas to guard feed lots from coyotes;

expanded in business ventures with 1500 organic Texas Tomatoes  

partnered with the beyond organic local feed mill for the best nutrition for the animals ever created.

I trained in bio-intensive agriculture with Thrive International for impoverished communities in Africa

I've been featured by ACTS Biblical Training Center, Firekeepers International, 5 different orphanages around Africa, and multiple home gardens and farms from Texas to Oklahoma to Tennessee.

Over the past 4 years, I have developed school programs and worked side by side multiple families and groups to grow gardens and farms.

Your farm can transform your health and become a legacy that provides for your family for generations.

But most people have no idea where to start…

Until today.

After 20 years of experience running farms and building gardens across the globe, I'm sharing everything I know because I'm tired of seeing families quit on their dreams.

Youtube is great, but if you're tired of building your farm 1 youtube video at a time, always having to go back and fix and adjust because what you learned just didn't work, this is the course for you!

I've managed farms from Texas to Africa. If it's out there, I've seen it and built systems to overcome it. This course will answer questions like...

  • How to prepare your plot?
  • What kind of soil and soil amendments do you need?
  • What plants to grow, when and where to place them?
  • Why you need compost and worms?
  • How to increase the nutritional content in your vegetables?
  • What to do with the yield, fermentation?
  • How to extend your growing season?

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